ECU Flashing

The motorcycle ECU controls the amount of fuel, amount of ignition advance, RPM limiters, Top speed limiters, Power Mode, Traction Control and other parameters of your motorcycle. The ECU does this by monitoring inputs from throttle position, rpm, gear position, intake air temperature, air temperature and coolant temperature 

The stock ECU in your motorcycle is far from optimized even if your motorcycle is stock. The program in the stock ECU’s have been developed to suite a wide range of riding conditions and riding skill levels also wide range of fuel types and grades. The results of this conservative programing are a compromise in performance and running condition of your motorcycle.

Significant improvements can be achieved by correcting the stock ECU’s deficiencies and tuning the engine to take full advantage of all of its potential.

Blais Cycle ECU Flashing will correct the stock deficiencies and program the fuel and ignition maps to best suite what has been done to your motorcycle. Raise or remove limiters as requested by the customer. Removal of top speed limiters are for racing use only. After Blais Cycle has flashed the ECU of your motorcycle you will see the improvement in dyno numbers, ¼ mile times, top speeds as well as overall running condition of your motorcycle.