Engine Work

Blais Cycle has over 30 years of engine building experience and holds several Road Racing Championships that proves we know what we are doing.

We can repair your motor back to factory specifications using OEM parts. Or we can build you a performance engine that will satisfy your needs.

There are plenty of areas for improvement in a stock engine. Cylinder heads can be cleaned up for better air flow. Crankshafts can be lightened and balanced. Factory tolerances can be changed to reduce drag on internal parts. Cams can be redegreed to give you power at different RPM ranges. 

If it is a big bore piston kit that you’re looking for, we can take care of that. We are dealers for all the major piston companies. We can install a 2 or 3 mm over piston kit that will give you more power throughout the whole RPM range. Or install stock bore pistons that just have more compression.

It is a common thing for second gear to go bad in motorcycles. We can remove the transmission and have it under cut. Once a transmission has been under cut it is better than stock. This is very important for road racers.

If you don’t think you can be satisfied with an average built motor, then we can install NOS that can give you 45+ HP. Or install a Turbo kit that will give 400+ HP.

Cylinder Heads

Valve Jobs, Cylinder Head Porting, Valve Seat Installation, Cylinder Head Repair.

Blais Cycle has a state of the art Serdi 3.0 Millennium valve cutting machine. The Serdi 3.0 is used to cut multi-angle valve seats and can also be used to open up valve seats for larger valves.

With over 25 years of experience, Blais Cycle offers cylinder head porting which will increase flow for better performance. We can open up the valve seats to match larger valves; install Ampco45 ( Aluminum Bronze ) seats which are a softer material that extend the life of the valves and valve job.

Blais Cycle can offer resurfacing of heads should they become warped or adjust them to increase compression. Almost all heads can be repaired should the valves become dropped. By removing the old seat and installing new ones, most of the time it would be more cost effective then having to purchase a new head.

You can see in the pictures what a cylinder head and valves look like. That were on a poor running motor. This is robbing your motor of horse power. The buildup of gum and carbon will slowly damage your valve seats. Cleaning the head and a good valve job will get you back the power that has been lost do to this.