Turbo Installation and Tuning

Blais Cycle has become one of the leading motorcycle shops in south Florida for Turbo Installation and tuning.

We can help you to pick the right system for your motorcycle or build a custom Turbo System for you. If you already have a Turbo System on your motorcycle and it has a problem or it is not running well then call for an appointment to have it tuned on the dyno. This past year one of the many turbo motorcycle’s that we tuned a Turbo Busa with 650 HP to the tire the customer went 249.6 MPH with the boost turned down to around 500 rear wheel HP in the measured mile. We are currently building a Turbo Busa that should make 700-750 HP to the tire. But if that’s not your thing and you just want a turbo motorcycle that goes a little faster than stock then give us a call.